LINK : Communicate with Empathy!

The theme of ASPAC 2024 is “LINK: Communicate with Empathy! [Empathy in Literacy, Inclusiveness, Networking and K-Science Culture]." Three sub-themes: “L” in (Science) Literacy, “I” in (Social) Inclusion, and “N” and “K” in Networking & K-Science Culture (LINK) will guide the three days.

ASPAC 2024 will highlight the role of science centres as science communicators and mediators, connecting individuals, communities and societies with science technology. The public consists of diverse personal, social, and environmental backgrounds, with widely varying degrees in scientific knowledge, understandings and perspectives. Empathy is the ability to recognize that diversity composing the public. 

Empathy in science communication is a crucial skill to engage the public to understand scientific topics, interpret science issues without fear or misconception, evaluate them, and make informed valuable decisions. The theme of ASPAC 2024 raises the question of ‘How can we communicate science with empathy?.’

ASPAC Conference 2024

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